Getting Started with Young Living

In order to purchase Young Living products you need to sign up for a customer account, just like you would at any online retailer (such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart).  It doesn’t cost anything to set up a Customer account.

First step, go to the Young Living website .

Select the country you live in from the drop down box.

Select one of the available options: Independent Distributor or Customer.

Not sure which option to choose?  Here is a quick breakdown from the YL website:

If you select Customer, it will look like this:

Make sure to enter Sponsor number 1325485 in the box.

If signing up as an Independent Distributor , when you are prompted to input your sponsor and enroller IDs, please enter #1325485 into BOTH boxes.

For either option continue setting up your account and then enjoy access to the wonderful products that Young Living sells.  I know we have benefitted tremendously from using them personally, and hope that you can find increased health and wellness for yourself and your family.

Please contact us if you have any questions:


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