Testimonial: NingXia Red as a Recovery Drink

NingXia Red 2 So I know I have mentioned that my husband works around machinery and chemicals all day.  I am sure you can imagine that there is a lot of potential risk involved in that sort of work.  As a wife it scares me to think that he could get hurt, but the reality is that it just sometimes happens.  Sortof runs with the line of work.  So after the first time I invested in a super-deluxe first aid kit, and we’ve thankfully only had to use it a few times since.

Last week he came home and told me that he had just gotten hurt, something like ten minutes before.  When we got him to the bathroom to clean the wound, I saw it was pretty deep.  We cleaned it out and bandaged it up just before the shock started to wear off and he became woozy.  We barely made it to the living room before he collapsed on the floor.  Somehow we got him on the couch and put his feet up.  I could tell that he needed something to bring him back aroundNingXia berries on branch 2, so I grabbed my bottle of NingXia Red and poured 4 or so ounces into a cup with a straw and had him sip it slowly.

Within less than a minute the color came back into his face and the lightheaded nauseousness was gone.  He began to feel his strength and wits return to him as he kept slowly sipping the NingXia.  And because it is low glycemic he didn’t have a crash shortly after.  The sustained energy really went a long way to help him deal with being so hurt.

Also, based on how quickly he revived after drinking the NingXia Red I can imagine that it would also be an excellent workout recovery drink, too.

If you are interested in purchasing NingXia Red or in getting it at a discount, please check out this post.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please consult with the apropriate healthcare providers before making any health decision.*


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