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The Proof is in the Process

I know that I harp on the quality of Young Living’s oils all the time, but it is for good reason.  These oils have helped my family tremendously, and I can’t stress enough how much of a difference there is between these oils and the oils that I had used before from the health food store.  There literally is no comparison in how effective they have been.  I am passionate about how we have benefited and I hope that you will have the same experience for you and your loved ones!

I ran across a great explanation of the uniqueness of Young Living’s distillation process today from Gary Young.  This video was taken during a special tour for distributors at one of the company’s farms.

In order for steam distillation to work, there has to be a continuous source of water to go into the boiler.  In commercial distillation operations (for the essential oils of other companies as well as for perfumes and cosmetics) there is a chemical tank that attaches to the steam distiller that serves to treat the water (which contains minerals that, if left untreated, would damage the distiller).  For most of these companies, it is a matter of cost.  Of course they don’t want to have to constantly repair their equipment, and since they are just reselling it to other essential oil brokers, it seems to be a good business decision.

Young Living, however, does not even want to use chemicals in the water treatment process, since chemicals used in any step of the distillation process can contaminate the end product.  So instead of treating the water with chemicals to keep it from damaging the distiller, they set up a sophisticated water filtration system that removes the damaging minerals from the water, and keeps the essential oils completely pure and free of any potential contamination from chemicals used in the distillation process crossing into the steam for extracting the oils.

Doesn’t it just make good sense to get your oils from someone who takes such painstaking care to make sure they are as pure as the plants they come from?

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Young Living Frankincense: The Only Omani Frankincense

Just to put a bit of a controversy to rest, over the last several months there has been a pretty significant bit of misinformation floating around in alternative health circles.  A competing aromatherapy company created a promotional video that leveled some allegations about the purity and effectiveness of Young Living’s frankincense essential oil.

First, let me start out by saying, no Young Living oil is tampered with or adulterated in any way.   They have a zero tolerance policy for cutting oils, chemical adulteration, or pesticide/chemical residue, and so these allegations are completely unfounded.

The educational crew put together an awesome presentation answering some of the allegations that were leveled in the other company’s presentation.  I encourage you, if you have an interest in learning the truth about the frankincense essential oil that is sold by Young Living,  please watch this informative video.

It should be said that any oil that Young Living carries is top quality, pure and unadulterated, and in this case, the country of Oman has given Young Living exclusive rights to export boswelia sacra (Sacred Frankincense).

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Objection: There are other brands of “therapeutic grade” essential oils

Distilling 01Objection:  There are other brands of “therapeutic grade” essential oils, so any of them are just as good as, if not better than Young Living oils.

Response:  The bold faced truth of the matter is that the term “therapeutic grade” is not one that is regulated by any agency or governing body.  What this means is that a company could put a super adulterated synthetically created oil into a bottle, and there is NOTHING to prevent them from calling it therapeutic grade.

The term therapeutic grade was first used by Young Living to distinguish the type of oils that they were selling from the popular perfuming oils that did not have the potential to provide the same benefits that the Young Living oils did.  Over the twenty years that Young Living has been in business, many other companies, in an attempt to piggyback on their success, have begun to take advantage of Young Living’s  reputation for high quality oils by also using the “therapeutic grade” label in an attempt to drum up business.  There are even other companies who insinuate that they are somehow FDA approved, but that is factually impossible since the FDA doesn’t grade, approve, or test essential oils.

So if the term “therapeutic grade” is unregulated and there is no standard required to use it on the label, then how can you trust that Young Living’s oils are both pure and safe?  Can you be sure that they will deliver the therapeutic benefits that differentiates them from other brands of essential oils?

Here is how you can be confident that you are getting only the highest quality of oils from Young Living.

    1. Young Living has been a pioneer in the essential oil industry for over 20 years.  You don’t stay in the business for that long without satisfied customers, a reputation for unsurpassed quality, and cutting edge research and product innovation.
    2. Young Living is a full disclosure company.  Any distributor can go to one of their farms and participate in planting, harvesting, and distilling the oils.  They open about the process.  The company will answer questions and provide documentation about the purity, safety, and effectiveness of their products on request.
    3. It takes deliberate and knowledgeable oversight of all areas of oil production in order to know the value of what you are selling.  So if a producer is making a high quality oil, they are not going to sell it to someone only willing to pay bottom dollar for it.  That is a major reason why warning bells should go off in your head when you see essential oils at bargain basement prices.  No producer would sell a high quality oil to a distributor for a cheap price when they know they could easily get more money for it.Lavender for AU
    4. Plant:  You should first consider what is the source of the oil?  Is it a synthetic oil created in a lab?  Is the oil from the correct breed of plant?  For example, did you know that there is more than one species of lavender and that only Lavandula Augustifolia provides the famed results that most people associate as lavender?    Many companies sell Lavandin, which is a hybrid version of lavender, and they label it as lavender, and it does not provide the same benefits as Lavandula Augustifolia.  Make sure you can see the latin name of any plant on your oils to ensure that you are getting the correct plant’s oil.  Another example is clove bud oil vs. clove leaf or clove stem oil.  Clove buds yield less oil than clove leaf and clove stems, but the properties of the oil from the buds is different from the oil from the stems and leaves.  However, the oil from the leaves/stems has a higher potential to be irritating than oil from the bud.  And would you believe, they smell EXACTLY the same?  So read your labels!
    5. Preparation: In order to provide therapeutic benefits, each specific plant has to be distilled at its own pressure, its own temperature, in its own method and for a precise time.  Any deviation from the specific method, and the oil can be completely useless.  This requires expert attention and equipment.  Anyone can purchase oils from a broker and then resell them, but it takes someone with experience and equipment to ensure that the oils that they grow and that they purchase actually provide the benefits that they are supposed to.   It is worth noting, that some essential oil companies distill the plant material more than one time.  The first distillation is the one that provides the highest quality oil.  Each subsequent distillation provides a lower quality oil than the time before.  There is no requirement to disclose what distillation the oil you are buying is from.  Know your company before you buy.
    6. Purity:  Adulteration is the buzzword in the oiling community these days with companies accusing each other of adulterating their oils.  Did you know that many companies use solvents to help the plant matter to release more essential oils?  These solvents are often very caustic and toxic chemicals, and while the companies say that they remove the solvents after distillation, once it is in the oil, imagine how difficult it would be to remove every bit of solvent.  Some, even a small amount, would likely remain.  One of the wonderful properties of essential oils is that, because they permeate cell walls more efficiently than other molecules, they can carry anything that they are with deep into the body as well.  When the oils are with a nutrient of benefit to the body, this is great.  Unfortunately, when the oils are adulterated, they then will carry the adulterant (in this case the solvent) deep into the body as well.  Aditionally, synthetic extenders are frequently added to stretch an authentic oil and can smell just as good as the real thing.  Every batch of Young Living oil is tested for purity.  They test for pesticides, heavy metals, dioxins, along with any adulterants so that you can be assured that every bottle of oil is pure.
    7. Potency:  In order for the oils to have a therapeutic use, all of the active components must be in the oil.  As we covered in the preparation point, the oils must be prepared properly in order for them to be potent, aka have any power to work on the body.  Whether the oils are coming from their farms or from a trusted source, all batches are tested to ensure that all the needed chemical constituents are in the oil before they bottle and send it on to the consumer.  If a batch fails to meet the Young Living standard, they WILL NOT bottle or sell it.  Sometimes these rejected batches are sold by the oil brokers to other companies.

For what it is worth, I personally have experienced the difference between brands of essential oils.  My son was ill with a resperatory ailment before I discovered Young Living oils and I used a popular essential oil brand, sold in nearly every health food store.  I used their eucalyptus oil and my son developed an angry rash.  I have since used products from Young Living that contain eucalyptus oil and have had no skin irritation whatsoever.  I believe that this is due to the absolute purity of the products that Young Living sells.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please consult with the apropriate healthcare providers before making any health decision.*

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Testimonial: NingXia Red as a Recovery Drink

NingXia Red 2 So I know I have mentioned that my husband works around machinery and chemicals all day.  I am sure you can imagine that there is a lot of potential risk involved in that sort of work.  As a wife it scares me to think that he could get hurt, but the reality is that it just sometimes happens.  Sortof runs with the line of work.  So after the first time I invested in a super-deluxe first aid kit, and we’ve thankfully only had to use it a few times since.

Last week he came home and told me that he had just gotten hurt, something like ten minutes before.  When we got him to the bathroom to clean the wound, I saw it was pretty deep.  We cleaned it out and bandaged it up just before the shock started to wear off and he became woozy.  We barely made it to the living room before he collapsed on the floor.  Somehow we got him on the couch and put his feet up.  I could tell that he needed something to bring him back aroundNingXia berries on branch 2, so I grabbed my bottle of NingXia Red and poured 4 or so ounces into a cup with a straw and had him sip it slowly.

Within less than a minute the color came back into his face and the lightheaded nauseousness was gone.  He began to feel his strength and wits return to him as he kept slowly sipping the NingXia.  And because it is low glycemic he didn’t have a crash shortly after.  The sustained energy really went a long way to help him deal with being so hurt.

Also, based on how quickly he revived after drinking the NingXia Red I can imagine that it would also be an excellent workout recovery drink, too.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please consult with the apropriate healthcare providers before making any health decision.*

Thieves Cleaner as a Laundry Degreaser

As I was wThieves Cleaner 14.4 ozashing my husband’s work clothes last night, I thought “I really should share about this on my blog.”  What is that, you might ask?  Well, Thieves Household Cleaner is pretty great stuff.  You see, my husband works with machinery all day long and his work clothes are FILTHY at the end of the day.  I am talking oil, chemicals, grease, you name it, if it is dirty and greasy, it has probably been on his work clothes at least once.

I could give you a list of probably twenty reasons why I want his clothes to come out of the wash cleaner, but I think you probably can imagine at least some of them.  But the problem that I have always had is, no matter what I do or what product I have used to wash the clothes, they never came out completely clean.  There is always a residual smell or a feel of greasiness or stiffness to the clothes, even when washed with special products or multiple times.

Enter Thieves Household Cleaner.  When I first got the cleaner I did some reading on its uses, and would you believe that it is a pretty potent degreaser?  So I put the work clothes in the washer, added my regular detergent and then added 2 capfuls of the Thieves Cleaner to the wash and crossed my fingers while it did its work.

After I ran the clothes through the dry cycle I was able to tell that the clothes were MUCH cleaner.  Much of the grease and smells that usually would hang around after washing were gone.  In fact after a few weeks of washing them consistently with the cleaner added the clothes became much cleaner and better smelling.  I’ll take that success, and especially since it was a natural product that did it.

And it helps that this isn’t a one trick pony.  Because it is a natural product I can mix a capful or two into a spray bottle of water and clean all around my house.  From bathrooms to kitchen grime, I’ve had great luck with using the cleaner.  Because the cleaner is so concentrated, one bottle lasts a LONG time.  Oh, and it smells wonderful, and anything that smells that good and is non-toxic makes me all that much more likely to clean…then everybody wins!

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Testimonial: Thieves Spray and Sore Throats

Thieves SprayFor some reason, we have been hit with a lot of different colds and bugs this year, way more than usual.  I am betting it is because we’ve got two little kids and for whatever reason, kids are germ magnets!  Thieves oil has been very good for helping to boost our immune systems and prevent us from getting every bug floating around, but when I got a killer sore throat I knew I needed to try something different.

Now when I say sore throat, I mean the type of sore throat where it is swollen, you can’t swallow and it feels like someone just slashed the inside of your throat with a million tiny little razor blades.  Oh yeah, BAD!  So when I woke up that morning I decided to use the Thieves Essential Oil Spray.  I stuck out my tongue and sprayed it to the back of my throat just like I was using any other sore throat spray.  The taste was actually pretty good, almost just like a redhot candy.

Within just a few moments the back of my throat felt numb, which was definitely an improvement over how it had been feeling.  Then the built up mucous (lol, sorry if it’s TMI!) started to break up in the back of my throat too.  Halfway through the day I had a return of the sore throat, but I sprayed it again and it never came back, and the cold didn’t progress any further.  I had the same really bad sore throat a few months prior, and it had lasted four days so finding out that the Thieves spray could be so helpful was such an exciting discovery!

So, what is in the Thieves Spray?

My best guess is that you’d have a hard time finding as natural of a throat spray anywhere else.

If you are interested in purchasing Thieves Spray or in getting it at a discount, please check out this post.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please consult with the apropriate healthcare providers before making any health decision.*

Replace Expensive Baby Wipes with Cloth and Essential Oils

Since we cloth diaper, it seemed to be a natural thing to also try to use cloth wipes.  I didn’t do cloth wipes with our first child, but this time around I decided to give it a try and it was SO much easier than I thought it would be.   Plus it saves us a TON of money.  We just throw them in with the diaper wash and it is no extra work whatsoever, and we save at least $10-15 a month by just using cloth.

Here is what I do:

  1. I get a small spritzer spray bottle from the travel section of the store and fill it with some filtered water (distilled would be ideal, but any filtered water will do).
  2. Then I add a few drops of Young Living Lavender Oil to it.  Other good oils to add would be a combination of Lavender and Chamomile, or Gentle Baby.
  3. Screw the cap on and then give the bottle a little shake each time you need to use it.
  4. When you are changing the baby’s diaper, you can either spray the water/essential oil mixture directly on the baby’s bottom or you can spray it onto the cloth wipe and then wipe the baby’s bottom.
  5. You can make your own wipes (or buy them from someone who sells them if you like) from flannel, or you can just use a pack or two of soft washcloths.  Either way, the cloth and essential oil spritz method will be much more gentle on baby’s bottom, AND on your wallet!

Just a word of advice, I personally use Young Living essential oils and write these posts with them specifically in mind.  Obviously, I trust their quality and purity, which is VERY important to me as I try to remove toxic chemicals from our home environment. (Read more HERE)  So before you buy, make sure you trust who you are buying from.  Especially if you will be using the oils on your children.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the oils or in getting them at a discount, please check out this post.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please consult with the apropriate healthcare providers before making any health decision.*

How to Clean and Deodorize Your Mattress

So in the process of checking out Facebook today, I saw a picture that a friend of mine had posted showing how to clean your mattress using baking soda and essential oils. So of course I had to test drive the process for myself.

Our bed is in desperate need of some deep cleaning if for no other reason than that we have a little baby and that baby has christened this bed on a few occasions. So this idea sounded GREAT to me!

So, here’s what you need:

  •  1 cup of baking soda
  •  A glass jar with lid (mason jar or any clean jar)
  •  Young Living Lavender Essential Oil (at least 4 drops, more if you like…I used 6)
  • Fine mesh sieve/strainer
  •  Vaccuum cleaner with hose attachment

Put the lavender essential oil and baking soda into the glass jar. Put the lid on and give it a good shake until it is all combined. Then put the baking soda mixture into the sieve and shake it over the mattress. Allow it to sit for at least an hour and then vaccuum up the baking soda. Bye bye odors, moisture, dust mites, and hello sweet, peaceful sleep!

Just a word of advice, I personally use Young Living Lavender essential oil for a few reasons.  Obviously, I trust their quality and purity, which is VERY important to me as I try to remove toxic chemicals from our home environment. (Read more HERE)  So before you buy, make sure you trust who you are buying from.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the oils or in getting them at a discount, please check out this post.

Getting Started with Young Living

In order to purchase Young Living products you need to sign up for a customer account, just like you would at any online retailer (such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart).  It doesn’t cost anything to set up a Customer account.

First step, go to the Young Living website .

Select the country you live in from the drop down box.

Select one of the available options: Independent Distributor or Customer.

Not sure which option to choose?  Here is a quick breakdown from the YL website:

If you select Customer, it will look like this:

Make sure to enter Sponsor number 1325485 in the box.

If signing up as an Independent Distributor , when you are prompted to input your sponsor and enroller IDs, please enter #1325485 into BOTH boxes.

For either option continue setting up your account and then enjoy access to the wonderful products that Young Living sells.  I know we have benefitted tremendously from using them personally, and hope that you can find increased health and wellness for yourself and your family.

Please contact us if you have any questions: