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The Proof is in the Process

I know that I harp on the quality of Young Living’s oils all the time, but it is for good reason.  These oils have helped my family tremendously, and I can’t stress enough how much of a difference there is between these oils and the oils that I had used before from the health food store.  There literally is no comparison in how effective they have been.  I am passionate about how we have benefited and I hope that you will have the same experience for you and your loved ones!

I ran across a great explanation of the uniqueness of Young Living’s distillation process today from Gary Young.  This video was taken during a special tour for distributors at one of the company’s farms.

In order for steam distillation to work, there has to be a continuous source of water to go into the boiler.  In commercial distillation operations (for the essential oils of other companies as well as for perfumes and cosmetics) there is a chemical tank that attaches to the steam distiller that serves to treat the water (which contains minerals that, if left untreated, would damage the distiller).  For most of these companies, it is a matter of cost.  Of course they don’t want to have to constantly repair their equipment, and since they are just reselling it to other essential oil brokers, it seems to be a good business decision.

Young Living, however, does not even want to use chemicals in the water treatment process, since chemicals used in any step of the distillation process can contaminate the end product.  So instead of treating the water with chemicals to keep it from damaging the distiller, they set up a sophisticated water filtration system that removes the damaging minerals from the water, and keeps the essential oils completely pure and free of any potential contamination from chemicals used in the distillation process crossing into the steam for extracting the oils.

Doesn’t it just make good sense to get your oils from someone who takes such painstaking care to make sure they are as pure as the plants they come from?

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