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Thieves Cleaner as a Laundry Degreaser

As I was wThieves Cleaner 14.4 ozashing my husband’s work clothes last night, I thought “I really should share about this on my blog.”  What is that, you might ask?  Well, Thieves Household Cleaner is pretty great stuff.  You see, my husband works with machinery all day long and his work clothes are FILTHY at the end of the day.  I am talking oil, chemicals, grease, you name it, if it is dirty and greasy, it has probably been on his work clothes at least once.

I could give you a list of probably twenty reasons why I want his clothes to come out of the wash cleaner, but I think you probably can imagine at least some of them.  But the problem that I have always had is, no matter what I do or what product I have used to wash the clothes, they never came out completely clean.  There is always a residual smell or a feel of greasiness or stiffness to the clothes, even when washed with special products or multiple times.

Enter Thieves Household Cleaner.  When I first got the cleaner I did some reading on its uses, and would you believe that it is a pretty potent degreaser?  So I put the work clothes in the washer, added my regular detergent and then added 2 capfuls of the Thieves Cleaner to the wash and crossed my fingers while it did its work.

After I ran the clothes through the dry cycle I was able to tell that the clothes were MUCH cleaner.  Much of the grease and smells that usually would hang around after washing were gone.  In fact after a few weeks of washing them consistently with the cleaner added the clothes became much cleaner and better smelling.  I’ll take that success, and especially since it was a natural product that did it.

And it helps that this isn’t a one trick pony.  Because it is a natural product I can mix a capful or two into a spray bottle of water and clean all around my house.  From bathrooms to kitchen grime, I’ve had great luck with using the cleaner.  Because the cleaner is so concentrated, one bottle lasts a LONG time.  Oh, and it smells wonderful, and anything that smells that good and is non-toxic makes me all that much more likely to clean…then everybody wins!

If you are interested in purchasing Thieves Cleaner or in getting it at a discount, please check out this post.


Testimonial: Thieves Spray and Sore Throats

Thieves SprayFor some reason, we have been hit with a lot of different colds and bugs this year, way more than usual.  I am betting it is because we’ve got two little kids and for whatever reason, kids are germ magnets!  Thieves oil has been very good for helping to boost our immune systems and prevent us from getting every bug floating around, but when I got a killer sore throat I knew I needed to try something different.

Now when I say sore throat, I mean the type of sore throat where it is swollen, you can’t swallow and it feels like someone just slashed the inside of your throat with a million tiny little razor blades.  Oh yeah, BAD!  So when I woke up that morning I decided to use the Thieves Essential Oil Spray.  I stuck out my tongue and sprayed it to the back of my throat just like I was using any other sore throat spray.  The taste was actually pretty good, almost just like a redhot candy.

Within just a few moments the back of my throat felt numb, which was definitely an improvement over how it had been feeling.  Then the built up mucous (lol, sorry if it’s TMI!) started to break up in the back of my throat too.  Halfway through the day I had a return of the sore throat, but I sprayed it again and it never came back, and the cold didn’t progress any further.  I had the same really bad sore throat a few months prior, and it had lasted four days so finding out that the Thieves spray could be so helpful was such an exciting discovery!

So, what is in the Thieves Spray?

My best guess is that you’d have a hard time finding as natural of a throat spray anywhere else.

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Testimonial–NingXia Red: How it helps me manage without caffeine

NingXia berries with bottle 3 As the mother of two young children, it is difficult to get the rest that I need to keep from dragging most days.  It used to be that I would turn to chocolate, sugar or coffee to give me a lift, but I didn’t really care for the crash that I would get shortly after.  I would always feel more tired than before I had eaten the food or had the drink of coffee.  Also, as a breastfeeding mother, drinking coffee doesn’t always mix well with a nursing baby.

When I first signed up with Young Living, I got three single serve packets of NingXia Red with my startup kit.  To be completely honest, I was VERY skeptical that they could give me the pick up that I needed.  However, since they came with my kit, I decided I had nothing to lose.

The first time I tried it was the morning after a particularly long night where the baby had been up more times than normal.  I was absolutely wiped!  I took a packet from the fridge and drank it.    Within about a minute I noticed a gentle clearing of that morning “foggy” feeling.  My mood improved and my energy was great for the rest of the morning!  What I really love about it is that I don’t get that sugar rush or caffeine high that I would get with a sugary coffee drink, and I definitely didn’t get the energy crash that I would have gotten a short time afterwards either.

Well, that one experience sold me on the fact that NingXia Red was definitely a product that would help me out, and once I had finished the sample packs I made sure to get a full sized bottle.  It seriously is a lifesaver!

So, what is in this superfood drink?

NingXia Wolfberry (reported to be the most nutrient dense food in the world), blueberry, pomegranate, apricot, raspberry, blue agave nectar, grape seed, skin, and stem, lemon essential oil, and orange essential oil.

That is a powerhouse of high antioxidant fruits and no filler junk.  All of those ingredients are selected for their abilities to give lasting energy and antioxidant power to the cells.   Each 1 oz serving costs less than a latte at a specialty coffee shop, and it saves you the trip since it’s right in your own refrigerator.  Oh yeah, and each 1 oz serving is only 19 calories.  I’d like to see a coffee manage that!

If you would like to read more about NingXia Red, check THIS ARTICLE out.

If you are interested in purchasing NingXia Red or in getting it at a discount, please check out this post.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please consult with the apropriate healthcare providers before making any health decision.*

How to Clean and Deodorize Your Mattress

So in the process of checking out Facebook today, I saw a picture that a friend of mine had posted showing how to clean your mattress using baking soda and essential oils. So of course I had to test drive the process for myself.

Our bed is in desperate need of some deep cleaning if for no other reason than that we have a little baby and that baby has christened this bed on a few occasions. So this idea sounded GREAT to me!

So, here’s what you need:

  •  1 cup of baking soda
  •  A glass jar with lid (mason jar or any clean jar)
  •  Young Living Lavender Essential Oil (at least 4 drops, more if you like…I used 6)
  • Fine mesh sieve/strainer
  •  Vaccuum cleaner with hose attachment

Put the lavender essential oil and baking soda into the glass jar. Put the lid on and give it a good shake until it is all combined. Then put the baking soda mixture into the sieve and shake it over the mattress. Allow it to sit for at least an hour and then vaccuum up the baking soda. Bye bye odors, moisture, dust mites, and hello sweet, peaceful sleep!

Just a word of advice, I personally use Young Living Lavender essential oil for a few reasons.  Obviously, I trust their quality and purity, which is VERY important to me as I try to remove toxic chemicals from our home environment. (Read more HERE)  So before you buy, make sure you trust who you are buying from.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the oils or in getting them at a discount, please check out this post.